An Ironman Journey

the road less travelled

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Hard turbo session focusing on HR intensity and getting lactate threshold up. All good.

Mick B dropped in, good to see him again.

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2.5 kms swim in UCD, 1/1/0.5, at easy 1:45/50 pace off 2:00 mins

Turbo session with PB3, good session, 85% HR and 97% HR intervals

14.5 kms run with Will, nice and easy

Strength session in gym

18 kms run with Richie, easy and slow pace

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Thank you so much to everyone who followed, liked and commented on this blog and supported Willie and I over the past 6 months. A HUGE thanks to everyone who donated to the Ironman for Lupus page. We are on target to raise €10,000 towards Lupus Group Ireland which should see them in good shape for a while; they do great work for all the “Lupies” out there. Most importantly, thanks to my wonderful wife and family who supported me throughout and cheered me on during the day itself.

Race Recap
The swim started at 07:00 at the edge of Lake Worthersee. 3000 people entering the water at the same time is special/daunting. Splashing, kicking, pushing, no space, hard to breath….not much fun. Still managed to battle on and get in at 1:06, just below my target time of 1:10. Willie did brilliant considering the swim was his less strong discipline. We both got super cheering from our families as we left the water and ran to transition for the bike.

Bike: Got going on the bike and enjoyed a ham and cheese roll, super idea. Lovely road surface, lots of rolling hills, then savage climbs (nice flat course!!!? I think not). Two loops of 90kms, approx 3:15 per loop, got some great speed up on the flats and downhills. Willie caught me at 120kms and was looking good. Finished the bike leg off with hugs from my two kids who broke onto the course, sweet and a huge lift heading into the marathon.

Marathon: Started strong, great support from my family, other Irish along the course and every other random spectator willing to cheer. Conditions were fairly hot at 32 degrees but I knew I was going to finish the day, just at what time. Things got tough from 25kms onwards, every aid station was a welcome relief and I drank, ate and doused with cool water.

After 4:12 of running I made it to the finish line, crossing for a total time of 12 hours 2 mins, family at the end cheering. Willie did brilliant, getting home in 11:29, an optimum day out. I was very happy to just stop moving, proud of the achievement and looking forward to relaxing. A tough but rewarding journey.

Ironman out…

P.S. I seem to have developed a weird pattern on this journey: my 1st Marathon in 4:02, my 1st Half Ironman in 6:02, and now my 1st Full Ironman in 12:02…..who says it ain’t written in the stars…

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Great sea swim session with our coach Peter Kern and Willie in Seapoint earlier. In the water for an hour and swam about 2.5/3km with stops and starts etc. Practiced various techniques, sprint starts, drafting, simulated the messy start i.e. collisions, pushing, dunking, punching etc all the usual stuff.
Working hard on my calve, slight strain/tight.

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Willie forgot his wetsuit, but jumped in anyway.  Nice 40 mins at lunch time yesterday.

Willie forgot his wetsuit, but jumped in anyway. Nice 40 mins at lunch time yesterday.

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While Wille was fixing his first ever puncture, I was making new friends. Long cycle completed in glorious sunshine. Sandymount, Howth And back, Howth And back, Howth And back, boredom, Kiliney.

First thing this morning I got my calves tended to by Albert in Physio Kinetics, CFD. Mean set of hands. Sore and tender but feeling far better.

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Willie Balboa…the sinker…

Swim session - Clontarf

Difficult to get up at 05:30 for our swim session after all the vino with Tricky celebrating Fathers Day. Good session all the same. Nice 50m sprints at the end. Managed 37 secs.

….”and he wasn’t even going flat out”……

Brick Session - UCD

Sunny evening, 17, 15, 13 mins Oly Distance pace, two loops run in between.
3x5mins sprints, one run loop

….”Willie might make Ironman history for the quickest DNF”…..our coach with inspirational words.